Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello to all

As the Cataclysm shatters the world asunder, many heroes have fought bravely for their factions.  The Alliance, with the return of King Varian, struggles to get a foothold in the Eastern Kingdoms against the advancing Horde, under the leadership of the new Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream.  I was one of those heroes.

I served as a Captain in the first expedition to Outlands once the portal reopened, and rose through the ranks at Honor Hold.  After two years, we thought all was well.  We were mistaken.  The Pit Lord Magteridon stormed across the peninsula, killing all who opposed him.  I, along with nine other scouts, were ambushed by forces of the Burning Legion.  With two swords in my hand, I died protecting a lone scout as he made his way back to Honor Hold.  My life was over.

That is, until Arthas came along.

Summoned through the power of the Lich King, I have been given another chance to take arms, in the name of death and destruction.

Suffer well!


  1. Go get them tiger :P make them suffer and crush their bones :)
    Also : Welcome to blogspot

  2. Damn, and I thought MY life was interesting. Looking forward to hear more of your struggle!

  3. Enjoy your DK... I had a warrior long ago but gave up on him when they were UP ...

  4. Nice RP'ing
    Following :)